12 Pine Street, Brockville, ON  | 613-342-5865


  The Rev. Lynn Mitchell
 Not being one for titles, she prefers to be called “Lynn”, although “Rev. Lynn” is fine as well. 
 Most weeks, Lynn+ will be at the church Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:30am – Noon.  She can be contacted via email at rector@stpaulsbrockville.ca, or by phone at 613-342-5865 ext 1.
 Lynn+’s weekly time off is all day Friday until Saturday at Noon.  With the important exception of pastoral emergencies, messages/emails left during this time will be responded to Saturday afternoon. 
 Please drop by the office to say “hello”, or give Lynn+ a call to arrange a visit.


   Honorary Assistant Priest  
   The Rev. Ted Guthrie





   Rector's Warden 
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People's Warden
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