12 Pine Street, Brockville, ON  | 613-342-5865


  Rector: Rev. Lynn Mitchell


We are thrilled to welcome our new Priest, the Rev. Lynn Mitchell, to St. Paul’s.  Not being one for titles, she prefers to be called “Lynn”, although “Rev. Lynn” is fine as well. 

Most weeks, Lynn+ will be at the church Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:30am – Noon.  She can be contacted via email at rector@stpaulsbrockville.ca, or by phone at 613-345-5865 ext 1.

Lynn+’s weekly time off is all day Friday until Saturday at Noon.  With the important exception of pastoral emergencies, messages/emails left during this time will be responded to Saturday afternoon. 

Please drop by the office to say “hello”, or give Lynn+ a call to arrange a visit.



 Honorary Associate Priest  

   Rev. Ted Guthrie





    Rector's Warden 
    Julie Daxon
    People's Warden
    Ian Coombe
 Music Director:  Malcolm Gillis
 Admin Assistant: Jody Mac Intosh
 Custodian: Melody Kennedy