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Full of Beans Cooking Club
The feast begins
The feast begins
A warm welcome to the Full of Beans Cooking Club with Wanda and Rev. Lynn
Church hall, ready for action
All the veggie peelings saved for the compost pile
Butternut squash with cinnamon and brown sugar (in the margarine container)
Peeling sweet potatoes
Fresh Cauliflower
Black bean dip: needs mashing!
Safe knife handling on a sweet potato
Grating cheese for the cauilflower
Hands on food preparation
Mashing the beans for the dip with two folks. It was easier done with a rolling pin and beans in a bag.
Just the tool for dicing sweet potatoes
Rice pudding preparation and clementines
Careful with the vanilla pudding for the rice pudding!
Sugar, raisins and milk powder ready for the rice pudding
Tasty bean dip ready to eat
Sweet potato fries, ready to bake
Cheesy cauliflower ready to bake
Rev. Lynn gives thanks for the meal prepared by the club