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Every Tuesday afternoon - Women's Study Group (off site)

3rd Tuesday of each month afternoon - Caregivers Support Group

Every Wednesday evening - Choir Group

Every Thursday evening - Bible Study Group (off site)

Thursday evenings twice per month - Youth Group

Last Friday of the month 5 to 7 pm - Messy Church


Standing Committee Monthly Meetings

Second Thursday afternoons - Parish Life - January, March, May, September and November 
Second Monday morning - Property
Third Wednesday evening - Parish Council - January, March, May, September and November
Third Thursday morning - Wardens
Saturday morning 4 times per year - Worship - February, May, August and November


Justice Committee Meeting

Date:March 29, 2020
Location:Church Hall

Sunday, March 29th (following worship)

The Justice Committee meets for a quarterly gathering to discuss their four area of focus, and for support and fellowship. All are welcome to join any of the groups focusing on: refugee support, green initiatives, housing, and/or raising awareness about human trafficking.