Welcome to St. Paul's Anglican Church Brockville

12 Pine Street, Brockville, ON  | 613-342-5865

The Big Give 2018
ACW Luncheon 2018
Clay 2018
Church Picnic
St. Paul's Paints Night group
Pews filled June 30th
Pews filled June 30th B


8:30 am Quiet, Spoken Eucharist

10:00 am Eucharist with Music, Godly Play, Children's Area & Coffee Hour


7:00 pm  Contemplative Worship


12:00 pm Healing Eucharist

Coming Events
Thursday Dec. 20 - 2018
Monday Dec. 24 - 2018
Monday Dec. 24 - 2018
Monday Dec. 24 - 2018
Monday Dec. 24 - 2018
Tuesday Dec. 25 - 2018
Tuesday Dec. 25 - 2018
Saturday Dec. 29 - 2018
Saturday Dec. 29 - 2018
Sunday Dec. 30 - 2018

st pauls anglican church

Welcome to St. Paul's Brockville.

We are a family focused congregation discovering together what it means to be followers of Jesus in our town and for our time. Some have attended St. Paul's their entire lives. Others are new to any church. Our motto is Being Disciples . . . Making Disciples. The word 'disciple' means 'learner'. We want to be a learning congregation - open to God's direction as we read and study Scripture. We want to worship in joyful, strengthening ways. We want newcomers to feel welcome and members to know that they belong to a loving, supportive Christian community. And we try hard to serve our city of Brockville in practical, tangible ways.